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Warning! Nicotine is present in this product. Chemically, nicotine is addictive.
Warning! Nicotine is present in this product. Chemically, nicotine is addictive.
Top Vape Accessories: Elevate Your Vaping Experience

Top Vape Accessories: Elevate Your Vaping Experience

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate vaping experience? Look no further! In our latest guide, we dive into the world of vaping accessories that are game-changers. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting out, the right accessories can transform your vaping journey, making every puff smoother, more flavorful, and utterly satisfying. From the latest in tech to the must-have essentials, we've got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and let's explore the accessories that will take your vaping to the next level!

Acrylic Tubing and Mouthpiece 

Let's talk about drip tips, also known as mouthpieces in the vaping world. These little wonders are absolute game-changers, ditching the need for cartridges and taking your vaping experience up a notch.

Just imagine your favourite e-liquid dripping directly into the atomizer, delivering the most incredible flavour straight to you. That's what a drip tip does, and it's made even better when it's crafted from durable acrylic material.

Yep, you heard that right. Because they're taller, the smoke has to journey a bit further inside, resulting in a cooler flavour sensation. Plus, let's not forget how stylish they are! Available in a variety of vibrant colours like black, blue, gold, and more, they add a pop of personality to your vape setup.

So, if you're all about flavour, durability, and looking cool while you vape, an acrylic tube and drip tip combo might just be your new best vape accessories supply.

Jubox Juul Charger

Well, whenever you are away from home or on a long journey or nowhere near a charging port and you come to realize that your vape device is running low on battery? It's a common scenario, but fret not, because the Jubox Juul charger is here to save the day and it enhances your vaping experience. With this handy accessory, you can forget those worries about running out of charge. Whether you're on the move or travelling, you can keep your device powered up and ready to go.

And let's talk about capacity – with an amazing 1000mAh, this charger has plenty of power to spare. You can recharge your vaping device multiple times without breaking a sweat. Plus, its durable outer body is crafted from high-quality materials, so you can rest assured it can handle a few accidental drops without missing a beat.

Soft Vapor Toolkit

If you are looking to customize your vaping gear then the Soft Vaportech toolkit is about to become one of your new best vape accessories.

Imagine having all your e-juices, tanks and coils, pods, batteries, and whatever else you need neatly organized and safely stored in one handy toolkit. It's like having a magic box for all your vaping essentials!

This toolkit comes with an extremely soft case, making it a breeze to carry around, it's also incredibly lightweight. No more lugging around heavy cases or bulky bags – this toolkit has got your back for sure.

The top handle is there to make your life easier. Just grab and go, wherever your vaping adventures take you. So, if you're all about that custom vape life, the Soft Vaportech toolkit is a must-have addition to your arsenal!

Pre Built Alien Replacement Coil

People using their devices quite frequently need to take care of the coils as it is an important part of the device, as these coils contain copper wire that heats up when you press that vaping button, turning your e-liquids into the delicious vapour you crave. 

Now, let's talk essentials – without coils, vaping just ain't happening. They're like the MVPs of your device, delivering those tasty clouds you love. But here's the thing – coils don't last forever. They wear out over time with all that vaping action, and eventually, you'll need to swap them out.

Enter the Prebuilt Alien replacement coil – your ticket to Flavor Town and Cloud City! Crafted with top-notch copper wire, these coils are built to last. Say goodbye to premature coil breakdown and hello to consistently awesome flavour and thicker clouds.

Orion Q Replacement Pods

Step into the world of enhanced vaping with Orion Q's 2ml refillable cartridges, neatly bundled up in pairs for your convenience. Imagine taking around 400 delightful puffs from a single pod, outshining many others on the market. 

These aren't just any pods; they come equipped with a mouth-to-lung (MTL) Delrin wide-bore drip tip, designed to elevate your vaping sessions to a whole new level of pleasure. And there's more — each pod boasts a 1Ω KTR atomizer, meticulously crafted to enrich your experience.

Unicorn Bottles 

Unleash the magic with Unicorn bottles, your ultimate sidekick for storing e-liquids! Available in three convenient sizes - 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml - you're sure to find the perfect fit for your refilling adventures. 

Say goodbye to worries of spillage or breakage; these bottles come with super sturdy caps and are built tough, ready to withstand those oops moments.

Whether it's for daily use or those just-in-case scenarios, Unicorn bottles are here to make your vaping life a breeze

Valyrian Replacement Glass

Looking to give your tank a little upgrade? Check out the Valyrian replacement glass! It's like the Swiss Army knife of replacement glasses – ready to fit snugly with almost every tank you might find in the market. But it doesn't stop at just being super compatible. 

This glass packs a punch with its sleek design and tough-as-nails build. And here’s the kicker: it’s tailor-made for sub-ohm tanks. So, if you're riding the sub-ohm wave, grabbing one of these is pretty much a no-brainer.

USB wall charger

Got a vaping device? Here's the scoop on charging it the right way: go old-school with a traditional wall charger. It's like the device's best buddy, giving it just the right amount of voltage it craves, all while keeping those pesky short circuit worries at bay.

 And if you're thinking about using your laptop as a charging station, think again! It's a power-hungry option that'll have your laptop gasping for juice before you know it. 

Plus, those USB wall chargers aren’t just strong; they're like the superheroes of chargers, crafted from top-notch plastic that can take a beating. So, for a happy device and a happy you, stick with the wall charger. 


As we wrap up our exploration of the top vape accessories, it's clear that the right tools can profoundly enhance your vaping experience. From advanced mods to user-friendly cleaning kits, each accessory has the potential to elevate every puff and personalize your vaping journey. Whether you're after richer flavors, denser clouds, or simply a more convenient and enjoyable experience, investing in the right accessories is a game-changer. Remember, vaping is not just about the device but the entire experience it offers. So, equip yourself with these top-notch accessories, and prepare to transform your vaping sessions into truly exceptional moments. Happy vaping!

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