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Warning! Nicotine is present in this product.
Warning! Nicotine is present in this product.
A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Reliable Vape Suppliers

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Reliable Vape Suppliers

As vaping increases in popularity so too do the number of wholesale suppliers, but not all are legitimate and reputable. The vaping industry saw a great boom in recent years and it will only grow further from here onwards. The positive outlook of this industry has brought in many businesses in this industry and the industry already feels saturated due to heavy competition and excessive suppliers. In order to survive in such a competitive industry, you need to offer the best services to customers. In this article, we will talk about six key steps that you should take when you are researching for your vape wholesale supplier.

1. Research and Verify Reputation:

Begin your quest by researching the reputation of potential wholesale suppliers. Online reviews, testimonials, and industry forums can offer valuable insights into the experiences of other retailers. Look for suppliers with a solid track record of reliability, quality products, and excellent customer service.

2. Vape Wholesaler Distributor Keyword Search

Begin with a generic Google search for a keyword like E-Cigarette Wholesale suppliers or Wholesale Vape Suppliers. It is important to note that the terms Vaping and E-cigarettes are interchangeable – that is they both mean the same thing. Don’t be afraid to look past the first page to pages two and three as the largest wholesale distributors generally dominate the search engines but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are always the best. There are 100’s of wholesale suppliers.

3. Product Diversity and Quality

The best vape wholesale supplier should offer a diverse range of high-quality products. Assess the variety of vape devices, e-liquids, and accessories they provide. A supplier with a broad inventory allows retailers to cater to a wide range of customer preferences.

4. Visit Website

You should also consider working with a wholesale supplier who has an online platform. This is most important especially if you are in different countries. It will make it easier for you to order products on a website rather than calling which is inconvenient due to different time zones. Additionally, a website not only helps in determining the reputation of the supplier, but it also lets you see when a wholesaler is open for business and how many products are available. You also need to look for reputable vape wholesalers since it will lead to the success of your business. This is because such businesses have a strong marketing strategy, which you can benefit from.

5. Transparent Pricing and Terms

Transparency in pricing and business terms is crucial. The best vape wholesale supplier should provide clear and transparent pricing structures, including any potential additional costs such as shipping fees or taxes. Understand the terms of payment, return policies, and minimum order requirements.

6. Visit the distribution center

By now, you should have created a shortlist of whom you believe are reputable and reliable E-cigarette/Vape wholesalers. At this stage, if possible, it’s a good idea to visit the manufacturer or their distribution center to make sure that everything you’ve been told and everything you’ve researched is solid. If it’s impossible to visit, then the next best alternative is to call and schedule an appointment to discuss your needs. During this phone call, you can also ask any questions that you were not able to find answers to during your research.

Red Flags to Watch for When Choosing a Vape Supplier

In order to give a holistic view about the wholesale supplier the questions are categorized into different categories which are:
  • Company Information
  • Product Range
  • Product Development
  • Ordering & Pricing
  • Pricing Policy
  • Logistics & Delivery
  • Customer Support & Service
  • Brand Marketing
  • Customer Testimonials

Does the vape supplier have a Minimum Order Quantity?

Minimum order quantity simply refers to the smallest size order offered by the wholesaler. This could either be a unit order (eg. Number of vape kits) or monetary value. If you feel a supplier’s MOQs are way too high for you, move on. Even if they are willing to make a special case to meet your needs beware. To them, you are a small fish so you probably won’t receive the type of customer support you are looking for.

Does the distributor have a wholesale buyers catalog?

When dealing with a wholesale vape supplier, pricing transparency is very important. If the company doesn’t have a wholesale buyers catalog this would raise a red flag for me. As a retailer, you need to feel confident that you have guaranteed fixed price supply lines.

Does the vape supplier offer tiered wholesale pricing?

In its simplest form tiered wholesale pricing simply means the more you order the cheaper the unit price. However different wholesalers offer many different types of tiered and discount pricing packages. For example, loyalty pricing for retailers who commit to guaranteed monthly orders or bonus discounts for those who reach a total order threshold within a given time period. As a retailer, it’s important to ask this question, as without the ability to secure tiered pricing you could be throwing money down the drain and losing potential profits.


In conclusion, finding the best vape wholesale supplier requires thorough research, evaluation, and consideration of various factors. By prioritizing reputation, product quality, transparent business practices, and efficient logistics, retailers can identify a reliable partner that aligns with their business goals and contributes to long-term success in the competitive vaping industry.

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