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Warning! Nicotine is present in this product.
Warning! Nicotine is present in this product.

Zahrah Flat burner

by Zahrah

Lighting charcoal is simple with charcoal burners. You can ignite all forms of coal with the Zahrah Hookah Charcoal Burner, whether you're utilizing rapid lights or natural coconut coals. This one-burner appliance is made to heat charcoal quickly. Just plug it in anywhere there is an electrical outlet. A coiled heating element, power wire, temperature control knob, and indicator light are all included with the Zahrah hookah charcoal burner.


  • Coiled heating element
  • Temperature control knob
  • Power indicator light
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Thermostat Control
  • Automatic Safety Shut-off
  • Stainless steel Electric Heat Distribution Coil
  • High-temperature resistant paint
  • AC 110V 60Hz
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