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Warning! Nicotine is present in this product.
Warning! Nicotine is present in this product.

Charco Flare Cubes Lounge Case 15kg

One of the numerous natural coconut charcoal available is called Charco flare. Because they are crushed into individual cubes, Charco flare coconut charcoals in the cube variant do not produce a lot of ash and do not roll off the top of your hookah bowl. 

The majority of people who use charco flare cube coals are either ardent hookah smokers or hookah lounges, they are all-natural and contain no quick-lighting chemicals. These charcoals are made especially for hookah smoking since they are chemical-free, tasteless, and burn three times as long as most other charcoals on the market.

There are four different sizes of boxes for the cube form of charco flare coconut charcoal: 12, 72, 144, and 1080 pieces. You may purchase a large quantity of this genuine coconut charcoal at a discount by purchasing the charco flare cube version 1080-piece box. Before smoking, it is advised that you warm the charcoal over an open flame or an electric stove.


  • Style: Non-Quicklighting Charcoal
  • Shape: Cube (25mm)
  • Size:1080 Piece Box (15kg Box)
  • Burning Time 40-50 Minutes Per Charcoal
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